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give me your gays, your lesbos, your homo masses yearning to fuck free

shhhh only joke journal titles now

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I moved this=

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/porno saxophone, :edgeworth:, :matthias:, :mydra:, brian bradley, butterlifes and hurricanes, cha+dex+con = :3, cheer up emo jon!, compound 12 crew, crazyrinoa, crazyrinoa spoilers, d&d night, dating warforged, franziska is an uke, gay 1970s cops, gumby as a ninja, happy face penis, help lukes himself, himitsu no sensou, holding grudges forever :3, i shockwave, i'm a fucking ninja!, internet slumber parties, jace plays kirby, jack/realjack, jerk!gregory edgeworth, kain/cecil/rosa ot3, kerrik's burritos, kyle hyde, luke crowdsurfs, luke's pirate hat, mister f, nobody loves valant, oc roleplay, piratey clad stunt doubles, riding maneuvers, rosa aquafire, rosa typos, snakes in caves, souji/yosuke = druce/terrance, tamien is gay for luke, tentacle raped by linen, trucy's magical panties, turban costume theives, ujayeb, ujayeb!!!!!11!!!!1111, valecrew lives forever!!!!!!!!!, warforged are always hard, you don't eat babies, zak gramarye's a jerk, zharo removes his shirt
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